Track: Leddie MC – Freedom Ain’t Free feat Karlene Gomez

Another month another single released by North East artist Leddie MC. This months track, ‘Freedom Ain’t Free’ features vocals of Karlene Gomez – the lead singer of ‘Weekend Sun’ a North East based band that is a fusion of Jazz and Soul Music. The track has also been mixed and mastered by Jamie Donnelly, whom also guest featured on Bass.

Regarding the track Leddie MC comments:

“The track is socially charged and speaks on injustices challenged within modern day society – from race and class, my own observations of authoritative figures and their abuse of power, lies within mainstream media, and the propaganda we are constantly fed, whether that be by TV or social medias latest marketing trends.”

A laid back Parisian affair to start with as softly picked acoustic sets the scene but soon morphs into a funky soul filled track which once agains works so well under Leddie’s vocals. Gomez is sultry against the soulful backdrop contrasting with Leddie’s venomous lyrical attack which gives the track a razor sharp edge wrapped in some addictive grooves.

Check it out, here

Find out more about Leddie MC on her Facebook or Bandcamp 

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