Premiere: Libran releases the warm alt-pop of Out Of View / I Promise

Irish chamber pop artist Libran is releasing his third single today, Out Of View / I promise, and we’re delighted to be able to premiere the track right here on Backseat Mafia.

Entirely self-produced, Libran spoke to us about the single, saying “When the severe Irish lockdown in early 2020 paused normality until further notice, it had both upsides and downsides. Positively, it gave me time to develop my production and mixing skills, and releasing an entirely self-created song like this is such a long-held dream of mine! Negatively, lockdown took away my livelihood and stripped me of a lot of my support networks. It left me feeling intensely vulnerable. 

During this time there was such a strong urge to turn inwards and hide from the world, but I’ve given in to that before and it’s so dangerous. Doing so weakens your dreams and ambitions and strengthens your self-doubts and fears. At times like that you need to bring those things into the light, name them loudly and claim ownership of them. That process can feel like agony because you’re leaning in to that vulnerability, but through it the soul will survive and thrive. I’ve lived the truth and value of this and knew I needed to write about it, and the lyrics of this song were born from that. 

Musically the song reflects hope, and I think as an artist you have that duty when times are hard. You have to contribute every bit of positivity you can.”

Out Of View / I Promise is a frankly beautiful slice of ambitious alt-pop, a lyrical call to arms to embrace our fears, to which Libran adds various strands and ideas that veer towards the likes of Steely Dan and Kate Bush, without ever directly treading in their toes. Glockenspeils, synths, military drumming and choirs all vie for attention, all wrapped up in this earworm of a tune.

Check it out, here

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