Film Review: A Man of Integrity


Iran, once a country known for progressive ideas and innovation, now has one of the most repressive regimes. The theocratic authoritarian state is run according to religious law. Many of their diktats look bizarre to those looking in from the outside, to say the least. The freedoms of Iranians are monitored closely by the government, women’s rights are vague, putting it politely, and the country is rife with corruption. A Man of Integrity covers many of these issues and more.

Reza (Reza Akhlaghirad) left Tehran to start a simple life in the country with his wife Hadis (Soudabeh Beizaee) and their son. Attempting to eke out a living as a goldfish farmer while she teaches at the local girl’s school. A company is squeezing him to sell their land, but he is determined to struggle on, despite the mounting debts. As the pressure builds on Reza, he must decide between his conscience and family.

A Man of Integrity tells the story of an ordinary Iranian wrestling with his principles as he faces up to widespread corruption and oppression. Writer/Director Mohammad Rasoulof (There is No Evil) creates a drama which is both tense and brutal, taking no prisoners in his damning social critique. Both in terms of the ‘way things work’ within the country and the rampant hypocrisy across society. Akhlaghirad and Beizaee impress as they face up to reality in the moving and powerful A Man of Integrity.

A Man of Integrity opens in NYC and LA on 24 June.

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