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Rob Crawford

Multi-instrumentalist Jaws The Shark (real name Olly Bailey), has announced the release of his long-
awaited debut album, ‘Wasteland’. The album features 11 tracks all written entirely by Olly himself, and produced by previous collaborator, George Perks, at VADA Recording Studios. Along with Perks, Olly is joined by bassist Brendan O’Boyle, and Dinosaur Pile-Up’s Michael Sheils on drums. Along with the news, Bailey has shared the first single from the album ‘California’.

Bailey comments:

“California was one of the last tracks I wrote for the record, it was one of those ones that just sprung out of nowhere and fell into my lap one day. I had a friend that moved from the UK to the US and in doing so it meant that her long term relationship collapsed. I wrote the track with that scenario in mind and wanted to write each verse from both people’s perspectives, from the one doing the breaking up and the one being broken up with. In the end after some time had passed, they both realised that it was actually for the best for both of them.”

“The video itself is representative of the track in the sense that it shows us batting with our feelings and
emotions, as a relationship is being torn apart due to circumstance. Having April in the video represents the other person in the relationship, the male/female dynamic, but the fact that we’re also dressed in the same clothes and look like one another was a conscious decision to represent that you also need to take a look in the mirror at yourself sometimes and be a little more introspective.”

Speeding straight out of the docks with a clash of hard hitting guitars and frantic drumming. California is a colossal track that takes what Jaws The Shark has done up till now and sets fire to it all. What a way to start an album announcement.

Check it out, here

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Pre order the album here

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Catch Jaws The Shark live:

  • 21.03 – Notting Hill Arts Club, London
  • 22.03 – Off The Square, Manchester
  • 23.03 – The Lanes, Bristol
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