Track: Brisbane-based musician Ash Lune’s shimmering ‘Panic at the Party’ is a mesmerising delight.

Feature Photograph: Jamie Heath

With dappling guitars and sweeping, weeping strings, the new track from Mumbai-born, Brisbane-based artist Ash Lune is a dreamy, euphoric delight. Lune’s voice has an immersive, ethereal timbre that literally floats above the music, filled with longing, melancholy and melody. Lune has a wry observant style that captures the awkwardness of social interactions and the anxieties of engagement. She says of the track:

Panic at the Party’ is really about social anxiety. You’d think “Well if you don’t like parties, don’t go parties”. I love parties because I don’t like being alone, so that makes me social. However, I hate parties because I get anxious about every single thing I say or do in a social scenario. There’s always at least one moment during a party when I’ll look around and realise that if the lights were on we’d all look like idiots intoxicating ourselves into a temporary bubble. In that moment the weight of the world comes back, the bubbles breaks, and everything goes south.

With a shimmering layers of instruments, Lune’s vocals exhibit an extraordinary range: hypnotic and yearning with a massive anthemic chorus. The accompanying video is a charming beautifully shot depiction of young love in the bright burning sunshine mixed with Lune’s enigmatic performance:

‘Panic at the Party’ is out now and available to download/stream here.

Feature Photograph: Jamie Heath

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