Track: Sun Q – Dionysus

Having fled from their home country of Russia once the conflict started and are now currently settled in Istanbul, Sun Q have shared their debut UK single ‘Dionysus’. Founded by Ivan Shalimov and Elena Tiron, the band have had several tours around Russia, performing at major venues, international festivals, radio live-shows and hitting top of the indie music chart.

Regarding the track the band state:

“We believe that people have always needed myths. We chose “Dionysus” as the first single of our upcoming album called “Myth”. This ancient Greek god is the personification of luxuriant abundance of plant power, a merry gobble, a mad master of winemaking. Creating a garage-psychedelic song about the procession of Dionysus was genuinely interesting and fun. Listen and imagine the passionate Bacchante girls dancing and singing along! Drawing on the creative legacy of the 60s and 80s, we seem to have been able to create something original and contemporary. Music, as well as myths, is our method of knowing the world.”

Raw rock riffing that hits you right between the ears as soaring glittering synths and Tiron’s bright pop vocals collide with the rough garage rock. It’s part punk, part prog, blended together to create a captivating slice of cross genre brilliance.

Check it out, here

Find out more via the band’s Website or Facebook

Read our interview with the band here

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