Film Review: Await Further Instructions

You probably fall into one of two groups. There are those of us who implicitly place their trust in authority and would rather defer decisions to the state or government. Then there are others who wouldn’t trust those in charge as far as they can throw them. Whilst it’s normally the older generation which tend towards deference, it’s hard to know what we’d do in a state of emergency. Would we just sit there and Await Further Instructions?

Nick (Sam Gittins) has been avoiding the rest of the Milgram family for a couple of years now but has decided to return for Christmas. Much to the chagrin of his father (Grant Masters), grandad (David Bradley) and sister (Holly Weston), he’s brought along his new girlfriend (Neerja Naik) to meet them. With tensions already high, the couple try and leave. However, overnight a strange black substance has surrounded the house and they’re trapped.

Await Further Instructions could easily have fallen into the trap of simply playing up on cliché. However, after an unsteady start it soon finds its feet with the focus quickly shifting away from the complex familial relationships to the problem at hand. Whilst their enmity lurks in the background, the family must work together to save themselves from an unknown threat. A threat only communicated to them via a rather too sentient television set. Johnny Kevorkian has created a clever and brutal film which melds sci-fi with horror to great effect.

Await Further Instructions is in Cinemas and Premium Video on Demand from 7 December.

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