Track: Charlie Houston – Comfortable

Zachary Hertzman

The 22-year-old singer-songwriter, Charlie Houston is today sharing her new single, ‘Comfortable’  which is out via Arts & Crafts.

Speaking about the minimalist bedroom-pop ballad, Houston says:

“’Comfortable’ is about my anxiety toward the idea of dying. The fact that one day everything just stops and you no longer exist doesn’t seem possible to me. I wrote the song about how this fear causes me to feel pressure to live the best life possible, but then the anxiety of dying gives me is also so crippling at times that I don’t want to do anything and then I feel like I’m failing at living the best life.”

With a gorgeous stripped back lazy vibe, Houston’s hazy honey dipped voice sits atop punctuated guitar and a steady drum beat. Like a burst of sunshine on Sunday afternoon, the track will make you sit up and take notice of the brilliance within the lyrics.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Houston’s Website or Facebook

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