Film Review: A Vigilante

Whilst Olivia Wilde has made over thirty films, she’s an actor whose career has never really taken off. There have been some good roles in films and on television but she’s probably best known for starring in uninspiring Hollywood blockbusters Cowboys & Aliens and TRON: Legacy. If you look at her career to date, it’s seemingly slightly jumbled and unfocused. Sarah Daggar-Nickson’s debut, A Vigilante, gives her a chance to shine and she grabs with both hands.

Sadie (Wilde) suffered domestic abuse at the hands of her husband (Morgan Spector). When he disappears, she’s was left with nothing and unable to collect the insurance money without a body. After joining a support group, she discovers that she’s not alone. She decides to dedicate her life to ridding victims of their abusers whilst also tracking down her husband so she can at last be free.

A Vigilante is a timely and important drama with a strong message. It works because of Wilde’s determination and commitment to the role. She’s irrepressible and believable, allowing all elements of the film to succeed. The story itself is slightly confusing, but everything comes together in the end. A Vigilante is a necessary film in a world where women still suffer daily at the hands of men.

A Vigilante is in cinemas and on digital on 31 May. It is released on DVD by Signature Entertainment on 3 June.

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