Exclusive: Mrisi – West Baby (acoustic)

We’re delighted here at Backseat Mafia to premiere an acoustic version of the recent single from Mrisi. Brighton based but with his roots in South Africa, Mrisi levels hip-hop and spoken word with consciousness and thought.

Of the track he says “This track is a juxtaposition of the protagonist’s identity – partly from the West,  partly an outsider hailing from lands the West colonised. The song explores the idea that the West still holds false moral superiority to the rest of the world. Using the words Amandla (Power) and Hamba (Depart/Move) I have included words from one of my South African languages, ‘Shangaan Tsonga’ to signify the duality of my identity.”

There’s a rawness about the version Mrisi has done for us, his flow is on point and a fragility about his vocal that makes draws out the emotion of it all. Accompanying himself with these syrupy jazz chords makes it all the more personal and emotive.

Check it out, here

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