Track: Ian William Craig – The Nearness

The Nearness is taken from the new album, ‘Centres’ from Vancouver-based vocalist / composer Ian William Craig, his first for FatCat’s pioneering 130701 imprint, which has in the past released music from the likes of Max Richter, Hauschka, Dustin O’Halloran, Jóhann Jóhannsson and others, although it is in fact his ninth album. Most of those have been self-released digitally or on limited cassette, althoug his last two albums have come out physically though the Californian Recital Program imprint.

The Nearness is built on this accordian (at least sounding) drone, complete with creaks and clicks, but its Craig’s vocal that really capitvates. Long, beautifully melodic lines are the order of the day, virtually non-stop as Craigs vocal passes between his normal voice and falsetto like a counter-tenor, the quality of it never wavering (nor should we have doubted it would – classically trained opera singer as he is), even as the electronic noises take centre stage in the accompaniment before enveloping the track completely, ending with the sound of the tape being switched off and (presumably) Craig leaving the studio. Beautiful, brilliant stuff.

Listen here.

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