Track/Video: Electro-acoustic voyager Mount Maxwell previews the panoramic ‘Sky Eye’ from incoming ‘Littlefolk’ album.

Sonic geographer, Hotham Sound label founder and electronic musician Jamie Tolagson a.k.a Mount Maxwell returns this Autumn to continue a run of gently stunning soundscapes that began with the two part ‘Blue Highways’ (from 2016 to 18), continued with 2019’s ‘Only Children’ and last surfaced with ‘The People’s Forest’ a couple of years ago. His new album ‘Littlefolk’ will be on the shelves in vinyl form via We Are Busy Bodies on 24th November and Tolagson wryly reassures us that it was ‘made in the usual way: late at night with a pile of acoustic instruments and a few old synths’.

But it’s what the Vancouver based musician regularly conjures up from this rag tag collection of analogue synths, bells, whistles, flutes and well-worn hand drums that has always caught the attention of inquisitive listeners. Mount Maxwell music touches the light and shade of the natural world, particularly his British Colombian home terrain, and emerges from deep running childhood memories. Simple, clear, uncluttered electronica is Tolagson’s way, honest, upfront and personal. Tunes that don’t hide in layers of complexity with hints of Boards of Canada and echoes of the wooded earthiness of early Ultramarine.

So how will the latest Mount Maxwell instalment unravel on ‘Littlefolk’? Preview track ‘Sky Eye’ offers a luscious point of entry. Softly padding beats, thermal seeking synth strings, serious narration and a melodic swell give signs that Tolagson is soaring to more imagined, untouched places this time around. Further travel come November is essential.

Pre-order your vinyl copy of ‘Littlefolk’ by Mount Maxwell from your local record store or direct from We Are Busy Bodies HERE
Pre-order cassette versions of the album direct from Hotham Sounds HERE

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