Track: Eskimo Joe – The First Time

Duncan Wright

Eskimo Joe have returned with a new track ‘The First Time’ their first music since 2021s ’99 Ways’. The track sees Eskimo Joe capturing the essence of their stadium rock-ready triumph, 2008’s Black Fingernails, Red Wine, alongside some sharp 2024 vigour.

“We really look up to bands like the Rolling Stones and U2 – those guys who keep touring and creating music over and over again,” shares bass player and vocalist Kav Temperley. 

“It makes us proud of our musical journey and the people who have taken our songs into their lives. Eskimo Joe is still the three core members. It just wouldn’t be the Eskies without the three of us in a studio or on stage making music together – our friendship is as much a part of the band as the music itself. After an amazing 2023 of playing some huge festivals, there’s this indescribable energy when a massive crowd is singing your songs back at you. We wanted to capture that energy and infuse it into our recording. So, in the first week of January this year, over five days we wrote and recorded The First Time at my studio in Fremantle.”

Temperley continues: 

“We wanted to write something that set out to encapsulate the bittersweet feeling of nostalgia, that looks back through rose coloured glasses conveniently forgetting the heartache and sleepless nights that came with a certain place and time in our lives. It’s easy in the loneliest moments to look back and take comfort in those memories secretly holding onto that feeling like an addict. The song is also a realisation that holding onto the past might also be holding you back from the present. The subject is nostalgic but so is the sound of this song, it sounds like it could have sat perfectly on the Black Fingernails album.”
Lead guitarist Stu MacLeod says, 

“You put so much energy into each song, you build it up, tear it down, build it back up again until it matches the band’s vision. I love the energy in this song and the sentiment, and I’m stoked that we get to release it out into the world.” 

Drummer and guitarist Joel Quartermain adds:

“Once it’s out in the world, a song truly exists.  Hopefully people connect with it.”

Some wonderful nostalgia filled rock that is injected straight into your veins with a guarantee to lift your spirits. Especially when the stadium sized chorus kicks off, and whisks you up in a whirlwind of a joyous singalong. It is a wonderful world where Eskimo Joe feel the need to still make music. Long may it continue.

Check it out, here

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