Premiere: Psychic Graveyard tap into weird dreams on ‘Stuffed With Secrets’

We’re a couple of months away from the release of the new record by San Diego noise rock band Psychic Graveyard, and the band release the third single from Wilting tomorrow. Their relentless sound is characterised by massive walls of noise, which is often paired with an equal parts trippy and unsettling visual aesthetic. Said new single comes with a video that delivers on both fronts.

‘Stuffed With Secrets’ is lyrically inspired by a recurring dream vocalist Eric Paul had: “In this dream, I am a scarecrow, and it typically concludes after cycling through all four seasons. There’s a simplicity I find appealing—I have one task: to exist. My sole fear: is fire. When I shared the dream in a recent counseling session, my therapist remarked, ‘Someone is asking you to do something you are not capable of.’ Despite this, I still looked forward to falling asleep, eager to do just one thing.”

We’re premiering the video below; for any photosensitive epileptics out there, you can check the song out tomorrow. The new album follows on Toronto’s Artoffact Records on Friday June 7th.

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