News: 1000 Beasts Returns with Highly Anticipated Sophomore Album ‘Burning Flower’

1000 Beasts Releases the hotly anticipated sophomore album, ‘Burning Flower’. The project promises to deliver a seamless blend of sleek production and soulful melodies across ten tracks, featuring collaborations with acclaimed artists such as Malaki, Paco Versailles, Rachel Mae Hannon, Toucan, and the acclaimed single ‘Cherry Delight’ featuring the honey-soaked vocals of Tomike.

Reflecting on the creative process behind ‘Burning Flower’, 1000 Beasts shares, “The album came together immediately after the release of Naruda. I just kept making music without pause, and before I knew it, I had another album’s worth of material ready to go. The lockdown changed the way music could be made, leading to a more collaborative and remote process.”

Indeed, collaboration lies at the heart of 1000 Beasts’ artistic vision. With the ability to create beats and exchange ideas with artists remotely, he has unlocked a new realm of creativity, resulting in tracks that exceed even his own expectations. “The most inspiring part of the process,” he notes, “is when you send an instrumental to someone, and they come back with a topline that elevates the track to new heights.”

The focus track of the album, ‘They Called Her Something’, stands out as a testament to 1000 Beasts’ innovative approach to music production. With warm instrumentation, a heavily swung drum pattern, and a captivating groove, the track showcases the producer’s diverse influences and masterful production techniques.

At its core, the concept behind 1000 Beasts is simple yet profound: one producer collaborating with a vast array of artists to create music that transcends individual contributions. With ‘Burning Flower’, 1000 Beasts invites listeners on a journey through a sonic landscape where boundaries blur and creativity knows no limits.

Listen below:

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