Premiere: Jordy Burns Reveals Enchanting Debut EP ‘Games’

Today, Jordy Burns, the talented singer and multi-instrumentalist from Eora/Sydney, unveils her poignant EP, ‘Games‘, in an exclusive premiere with us on Backseat Mafia. Jordy Burns shines as a luminary, wielding both her voice and instrumental prowess to craft this enchanting collection of tracks.

Under the expert production of Luke Clark and the skilful mixing by the dynamic duo Gambino and Trent Dobson, ‘Games’ resonates with beautifully profound depth. At its core lies Jordy’s absolutely astonishing vocal talent, perfectly attuned to captivate audiences of thousands. Her ethereal vocals, paired with dreamlike melodies and instrumental mastery, envelop listeners in a warm embrace and beckon them into a realm where emotions flow freely and vulnerability is celebrated.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind ‘Games‘, Jordy Burns delves into the tumultuous journey that birthed its creation. “‘Games’ is a collection of songs written during very vulnerable times in my life,” she shares. “I think that no matter how pure someone’s intentions are, our baggage and trauma come with us and often hurt the people closest to us. When these relationships start to drag out, it starts to feel like a game, where one or both of you know they’re hurting the other, but the back and forth continues, ultimately to everyone’s ruin. I’ve really learnt some lessons throughout all this, but still get caught up in the game of love.

Previously released debut single, ‘Walls’, welcomes us in with a captivating interplay of strings and piano, setting the stage for Burns’ voice to shine and take centre stage. It’s a personal favourite, commanding attention with its rich instrumentation and stadium-ready sound, yearning to fill a grand acoustic hall.

Transitioning into ‘For Forever’, the rhythm intensifies, driven by an infectious beat that captivates listeners from the onset. Here, Jordy effortlessly showcases her versatility as an artist, seamlessly blending pop sensibilities with soulful undertones.

‘Hear Me’ draws us in with its soft pop beat, gradually building into a powerful ballad. It expertly balances bouncy pop with deeper emotional layers. ‘Keeping Score’ then sees Jordy’s vocals back in the spotlight, weaving a tapestry of soft indulgence that soothes the soul. With its super catchy chorus, this track truly sparkles.

Closing with ‘Second Chances’, the album propels forward as vocals soar, embodying themes of redemption and resilience. With its driving arrangement and evocative lyricism, it offers a glimpse of hope amid echoes of the past. This track propels upward like a rocket ship, maintaining the momentum and story set by the previous tracks as Jordy now sings for the future.

Jordy Burns makes a decidedly grand entrance with her debut EP and firmly cements herself as a formidable presence. ‘Games’ is standing tall as a compelling blend of vulnerability, resilience, and the transformative influence of music.

‘Games’ will be available worldwide tomorrow, Thursday, April 18 and is available for pre-save here!

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