Say Psych: Track Review: The Janitors – Through The Storm Into Chaos

The Janitors were supposed to head into the studio to record the follow-up to 2017´s Horn ur Marken at the end of March, but a global pandemic happened so everything was unfortunately cancelled. But being locked in has gotten their creative nerve buzzing and they have found a new way to work. The album will therefore still be recorded this summer but until then they aim to release a new song every second week. The rules are simple, one riff, one night of recording and a couple of days of mixing and mastering. Basically, all ideas get a chance.

The first song released this way was their cover of ‘Isolation’ by Joy Division and now they present ‘Through The Storm Into Chaos’; a menacing churning darkness that blasts out into the dreamfuzzspace strathosphere. The track has some of familiar elements; a slowly developing track that unfolds its layers as it progresses, drawing the listener deeper into the fold with every repetition. The mesmeric tempo set by the drum beat has an almost sinister calmness to it and adds as a counterweight to the chaotic fuzz that surrounds it.

In these dark days, tracks like this provide a much needed moment of reprieve, turn the volume up and get lost in the sounds.

Download here

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