Premiere: Jamie Beale Shares New Visuals Stripped Version Of ‘King Gozilla’

Bath-based singer-songwriter Jamie Beale shares the new stripped back version of ‘King Godzilla’ accompanied by a new visual. Needless to say, we’re very excited to be running the premiere!

Taken form last year’s album ‘Hello Nimbus’, the track is given a more organic, immediacy. Built around a simple duet of piano and vocals with subtle percussion, the track retains the bouncing energy of the original whilst showcasing the raw talent Beale possesses and the expressive nature of his songwriting. .

Released alongside a striking black and white video of a studio performance of the track, ‘the new version’King Godzilla’ is given a visual aid to further amplify the energy that track manages to capture despite it’s stripped back nature.

Talking about the track, he says, “King Godzilla is a track that explores identity. For a
while I was really interested in this idea of ‘finding ourselves’. As an artist, I’ve spent a
lot of my life exploring who I am as a songwriter and a person, but due to our own
interpretation of ourselves and each other, largely influenced by our upbringing,
conditioning and our own egos, it’s so easy to have this picture of ourselves clouded
and morphed, for better or for worse.

I suppose I’ve landed on the idea that all we have to do in order to find ourselves is to just be and let others be, and to try and remain as present and as honest with ourselves as we can. So the less we try, and the more we just allow ourselves to live day by day without carrying around judgement or
attachment to the way we think we should be, or others should be, the closer we
become to acceptance and this idea of being at peace or free in our own bodies and
minds. The chorus of the song expresses that it’s never too late to get on the right
track, whatever the hell that means for each of us!”

Listen and watch below:

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