By Anthony Moore

Off the heals of the 30th anniversary tour of “New Miserable Experience” in 2022, Gin Blossoms are back on tour in 2023 continuing to bring back hits from their iconic debut album. Songs of ex’s and heartbreak, love and loss rang through the hall of Legends Casino in Toppenish, Washington last evening. Playing the songs from the previously mentioned debut album and the 1996 follow-up “Congratulations, I’m Sorry”, took the audience in attendance back to the time of the early to mid 90s.

While the assigned seating saw the crowd sitting for the early part of the set, singer Robin Wilson let the audience know “This is a rock show, not a movie theater” asking the audience to get to their feet and fully enjoy the night of music. The crowd joined in singing along to the well known hits Hey Jealously, Follow You Down, Allison Road and others. After a wonderful set of solos from guitarists Johnny Valenzuela and Scott Johnson, Robin Wilson returned to the stage to lead the crowd in a sing-a-long covers of John Denvers “On a Jet Plane” and Johnny Cash “Folsom Prison Blues”.

As they finished out the evening, the band played their hit “Found Out About You” and with waving peace signs in the air the band wished the crowd a good night, capping off a trip of 90s nostalgia. The audience both young and old, wether they bought New Miserable Experience in 1992 or they were someone who borrowed their parents copy of the album in 2002 going through their own heartbreak, the emotion of those songs still ring true across the multiple generations in attendance.

Catch Gin Blossoms on their next stop a 2 night set of shows at Washingtons Tulalip Casino and Resort as well as several festival shows in North America later this summer. Tour dates can be found on the bands website.

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