Meet: Pale Wizard Records Founder Dan Flitcroft Part Of The Duo Behind The Label

The humble record label may well be overlooked by some but to a select few they are tastemakers and as important as the next big band. Pale Wizard Records is a labour of love for its co-founders Tim Hilleard and Dan Flitcroft, who release music they love and find interesting. In 2021 they released their first ’50 Years Later’ LP which was a tribute to the classic Alice Cooper album ‘Killer’. This was followed up in 2022 with David Bowie’s incredible ‘Ziggy Stardust’, Budgie’s ‘Never Turn Your Back on a Friend’ in 2023 and Most Recently Sparks ‘Kimono My House’.

Give us a potted history of Pale Wizard Records
I started the label primarily to help the band Phoxjaw release their first single around 2016. I could see their huge talent and potential and just wanted to help them get their first step on the ladder. I didn’t intend to do anything else with the label. However, as I also sing for the band Sergeant Thunderhoof, it made sense that I took care of the business side of things for them as we really didn’t want to commit ourselves to a label. So I essentially became a label for our band.

But when Covid hit I was so bored. I had an idea of paying tribute to one of my favourite albums which was Killer by Alice Cooper, as it struck me that it was about to turn 50 years old. A few emails and phone calls with bands I knew personally or professionally and it started to take shape.

Suddenly I had started a series of albums, which was exciting! We’re based in Bath (South West UK) in my music studio which I have run since 2009. So we have very much a cottage industry feel to everything we do. We try and keep a lot of the work in house, using local engineers, artists, producers, printers etc.

What was the main aim of Pale Wizard Records
I didn’t initially have any aim aside from helping our some talented friends. But now, we’re very focused on supporting our band Sergeant Thunderhoof as we enter our second decade as a band and continuing the 50 Years Later series which has always had a high emphasis on quality, rather than making any money! It’s definitely a passion project for me.

How has running/managing the label changed over the years
People are definitely being more cautious about their spending. We’ve had to work hard at keeping our prices reasonable and making sure we provide great value for money. We also try and treat our existing customers with maximum respect. We’d much rather be liked by a tiny handful of people than by tolerated by many.

Who would you like to have had on the label
We’re in a privileged position where we’re not looking to sign bands. If something comes along that sounds interesting we’ll always give it a think. I always think the work is the most important thing. Is the actual album any good? Regardless of the band itself. What does this record say right now? So the answer to your question is, we’d like anything on the label which makes us feel something.

Can you tell us about any new releases
We’re fully focused on the Sparks tribute LP coming out in May. We want to make sure everyone has it in their hands and can see the love and care we’ve put in, along with all the fabulous artists involved. After that, we move on to the next in the series for 2025 which will be a 50 year anniversary tribute to Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd, which I think is going to be a stunning project.

Aside from that, our band Sergeant Thunderhoof will begin work on our fifth album this Summer with the aim to get that out before or slightly after the new year. We do have some other projects on the go, but I’m sworn to secrecy on those. It’s the kind of work which you’ll understand the need for secrecy once it comes out!

Where can we get hold of your records
Best place is or our Bandcamp page

What makes you pick a certain band
Integrity. Hard work. Punctuality. Professionalism. It’s a myriad of different things.

Do you have any advice to beginning bands/record labels
My best advice to most bands and artists is to release your music yourself. There’s zero need for any band starting out to seek out a label. But do spend the time and money on a proper PR campaign. You could have the best release in the world, but if you fudge the PR campaign it’ll sink without a trace.

What can we expect from you in the near future
More of the same. We have absolutely no intention of expanding or doing anything out of our scope. We know our limits!

Tell us your favourite records that are currently rocking your headphones/stereo
I’m a grumpy man in his 40s, I still like listening to old Rainbow records. But of the current scene, I really do rate Elder and Mos Generator.

Check out the version of ‘This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us’ by Phoxjaw, below:


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