Film Review: The Summoned

The temptation of ‘man’ can be traced all the way back to the Garden of Eden. While Eve, and seemingly therefore all women, took the rap, it’s noticeable that Adam also decided to eat that apple using his own free will. While the devil might rarely make an appearance as a serpent, the idea first mooted in The Bible continues to inspire and fascinate writers. To take a character and try to seduce them into crossing their moral boundaries. It forms the basis of The Summoned.

Elijah (J.Quinton Johnson) is a mechanic who has never realised his musical ambitions. He’s summoned to attend, along with his rockstar girlfriend Lyn (Emma Fitzpatrick), a self-help retreat run by the eccentric Dr Frost (Frederick Stuart). They’re joined by a famous entrepreneur (Salvador Chacon) and a self-confident influencer (Angela Gulner). As they begin to start working through their relationship issues, Elijah begins to have strange visions.

The Summoned is a well-made horror which uses a familiar idea in an inventive and unusual way. Director Mark Meir gradually ramps up the creepiness, and despite the shallowness of the characters, never loses focus on the objective. Skilfully managing to avoid just about every pitfall which come with the territory. The Summon is a fresh and vibrant take on an idea which is as old as the hills.

The Summoned is released on VOD in North America on 7 July.

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