Track: Martha Rose releases the melancholy Synthpop of ‘Heart Still Beats 4 U’

Photo Credit: Janine Kuehn

Martha Rose’s latest single, “Heart Still Beats 4 U,” exudes the vibrant energy of summertime while delicately tugging at the heartstrings with its nostalgic undertones. As a Berlin-based English instrumentalist, Martha infuses her music with a unique blend of cultural influences, and this track is no exception.

It’s is the second single from Martha’s upcoming album, “Close to Close,” set to release on May 31st via Mansions and Millions. It effortlessly captures the essence of disco with its laid back tempo and infectious groove, transporting listeners to a warm sunset somewhere in clubland.

Despite its infectious rhythms and catchy melodies, there’s an underlying sense of melancholy woven into the fabric of the song, adding depth and complexity to its sonic landscape. Martha masterfully balances the light and shade, creating a captivating sonic journey seamlessly blends all three.

Check it, and it’s accompanying video out, here

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