News: Swedish Sleaze-Mongers The Royal Beggars Launch their Debut album through Desert Rambler recordings

Swedish sleaze-rockers The Royal Beggars return in July 2023 with their long awaited debut album “Falling To New Heights”, the follow-up to three critically-acclaimed EPs, and their first full-length studio record.

Sleazy, trashy, with a true old-school rock n’ roll heart reminiscent of the best of The Stones, The Dogs, Seventies Bowie, and Hanoi Rocks, but with a rootsy, Country and Americana twist that evokes Waylon Jennings and David Allen Coe, “Falling To New Heights” is ten tales of heartbreak and hard liquor dripping in honesty and storytelling. 

Catchy songwriting, hard-edged guitars, and nicotine-rough vocals meld with open-tunings, harmonica, and slide guitar steeped in outlaw country, blues, and out-and-out rock n’ roll. Amongst the swaggering, debauchery-soaked raunch is softer, down tempo ballad ‘Wasting My Time Away’, whilst ‘Ain’t That Pretty’ features a stunning duet between Royal Beggars vocalist David Roobert and Swedish singer Maja Van Hogerlinden Olausson.

“Falling To New Heights” will be available on CD and Vinyl as well as the usual digital platforms and is preceded by first single “Unholy Roller” on the 14th June. The album follows across all formats on the 12th July.

The Royal Beggars – “Falling To New Heights”

  1. Unholy Roller
  2. Sun Goes Down
  3. Fallin’ From Grace
  4. Ain’t That Pretty
  5. Hellbound
  6. Villains n’ Thieves
  7. Why Don’t You Want Me Too?
  8. Determined On Self-Termination
  9. Wasting My Time Away
  10. Blood And Whiskey




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