Premiere: Groan Room – Get Off

We’re absolutely delighted here on Backseat Mafia to premiere to the track from Groan Room, called Get Off. If the sort of track that wraps it’s way around you and squeezes out any resistance you might have had. Guitars that struggle to stay leashed, tension that built and released and this sort of sweet slacker pop vocals are the order of the day, but more than that, it’s all lashed together with this instantly loveable melody. It’s sort of like Pavement doing a Blur song with Ian Broadie singing. Yeah, THAT good.

Songwriter Ramin Bostan describes the single as a “huge, anthemic tribute to our favourite Brit-pop, lo-fi and grunge bands from the 90s. The song is written about a very dear friend of mine who was going through a tough time and I was imploring him to open up to us and address it, while also reminding him all of the things that make him wonderful and all of the people who love him.” 

Check it out, here

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