News: Noah Bouchard Releases New Album ‘Love Of My Life’

Conscious hip-hop newcomer Noah Bouchard shines on his debut album ‘Love Of My Life’ – a journey of self-discovery and introspection laid bare for all to see.

With singles including ‘Came Close’, ‘Swan Song’, and ‘Sometimes’ gaining traction across tastemaker music sites, the full project showcases more of the heartfelt lyricism and Loyle Carner-esque flow which have seen the solo artist start to gain acclaim.

The album showcases Noah’s evolution as an artist, with production that’s both expansive and vivid, serving as the perfect backdrop for his poetic lyricism and refined delivery. From gentle lo-fi vibes to empowered UK hip-hop and glassy jazz influences, each track is a tapestry of emotions and experiences.

One of the album’s highlights is its collaborative nature, featuring performances from a diverse range of artists such as Hemes, Zéra, Minas, KING, Elina Lee, and Harry Jowett. Each contribution adds a layer of depth and authenticity to the music, offering subtle glimpses into their own personal journeys.

For Noah, ‘Love Of My Life’ is more than just an album—it’s a milestone in his career and a testament to his growth as an artist. Through his music, he shares his struggles, triumphs, and ultimately, his journey towards self-acceptance and love. Noah speaks about how the release has become a personal milestone, sharing: “Love Of My Life is my debut album, the product of over 3 years of work and encapsulates the story of how I learned to love my life. I wanted to give myself and my story as openly and intimately as possible with this project, removing any ego or fear to provide an honest account of my thoughts and experiences. As a naturally introverted person, I’ve often struggled to share my thoughts and feelings with others, but I’ve felt the impact of doing this with my closest friends first hand and I’m hoping this project will encourage other people who are struggling to do the same.”

As someone who has struggled with introversion, Noah hopes that his music will inspire others to open up and share their own stories. His commitment to authenticity shines through in every track, making ‘Love Of My Life’ not just an album, but a beacon of hope for those who may be grappling with similar challenges.

With accolades from BBC Radio 1xtra, BBC Radio Wales, ‘and various publications, Noah’s star continues to rise. As he looks ahead to 2024 and beyond, ‘Love Of My Life’ sees a solid, well rounded and exciting collection of tracks from a promising rising talent. Now also launching his new creative brand ‘This Old Sky’ alongside his own music, Noah Bouchard is poised to make an even bigger impact.

Listen below:

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