Film Review: Remainder

Memories can be fragile and fleeting; their absence can lead to confusion, anxiety and emotional torment. The sudden loss of this function has been covered in myriad books and films, most notably in Christopher Nolan’s Memento in 2000. Based on the popular experimental cult novel by Tom McCarthy, Omer Fast’s feature debut focuses a man who goes to extraordinary lengths to recover his lost memories.

After being hit by a large object, Tom (Tom Sturridge) is fighting for his life in a comatose state. When he finally awakes, his memories are gone. Using a large compensation package, and with the help of a fixer, Naz (Arsher Ali), he begins to try to piece-together and reconstruct the vague splinters of recollections he has. His former colleague and friend Greg (Ed Speleers) tries to help, as does Greg’s estranged wife Catherine (Cush Jumbo), but there’s something not quite right.

Remainder is a rather offbeat and fascinatingly dark British psychological thriller. As Tom’s increasing obsession to piece-together the past becomes all consuming, he begins to realise that his friends may not be entirely what they seem. It’s beautifully shot, shabby exteriors clashing with the glass covered opulence of the City. Remainder is an avant-garde fragmented mystery with a heady sense of wrongness and intrigue.

Remainder is out in cinemas and On Demand from Friday.

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