Track: Black Honey – Spinning Wheel

Brighton beauties Black Honey reveal the other half of their double A side single and its recent live favourite ‘Spinning Wheel’.
Spinning Wheel opened the shows on their recent tour and stood out as a highlight, which is no mean feat when you hear the rest of Black Honey’s set list.

Starting off calm and cool, echoing Nancy Sinatra style 60’s chic before igniting into a Dick Dale inspired surf guitar fuelled frenzy of a tune that Tarantino would kill for, all kicked off by the frankly incredible vocals of Front woman Izzy Bee.
When I caught Black Honey in concert a few times earlier this year I was impressed by how effortlessly Izzy switches pitch to match the songs tempo, seductive siren to screaming banshee in less than 60 seconds and all perfect, no FX added in the mix thank you.

I’m not a gambler but it’s a relatively safe bet that Black Honey are going straight to the top.
Spinning Wheel / Madonna will be released via Duly Noted Records.

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