SEE: the rage of Stone’s ‘Stay Silent’, live from Liverpool

Stone, photographed by Broadie

STONE: solid, unyielding, hard

It’s pretty much the perfect name for the Liverpudlian band that have picked up a dazzled DJ fan in the shape of Radio One’s Jack Saunders, who’s championed them all through the crawl-those-walls caging of the Covid lockdown. 

But they’re back or rather, they’re unleashed; they’re full-on and they’re ready to articulate their frustrations with you.

Tomorrow, Friday, September 11th, they release a new single in the shape of “Stay Silent” – but this evening they’re unveiling a lockdown live session version recorded at 24 Kitchen Street, the creative DIY hangout which is perennially under the threat of the axe.

“Leave It Out”, the big, bad, new wave growl of a tune that came out in January, set Stone up for a hell of a year; until … it. They were left kicking their heels, on pause. Jack Saunders’ adoption of their powerful guitar rush kept the momentum. 

And now the four-piece – singer-guitarist Fin Power, lead guitarist Elliot Gill, bassist Sarah Surrage and drummer Alex Smith – will stay silent no longer. Fin’s declamatory vocal style brings the perfect dark post-punk edge to a furious tune. That’s gonna be one hell of a moshpit.

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