Exclusive: Former Apollo 440 / Grim Northern Social frontman Ewan MacFarlane records three tracks in session for Backseat Mafia

In the run up to his forthcoming debut solo album ‘Always Everlong’, out on October 29th, former Apollo 440 and Grim Northern Social frontman Ewan MacFarlane has recorded three tracks exclusively for us here at Backseat Mafia in session. Taking inspiration from the likes of Bowie, Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen, MacFarlane has channeled epic stadium rock through his own vision to make something that promises to be something special.

Starting off with an acoustic take on single ‘Stirrin In The City’ it loses none of its power thanks to the emphatic vocal performance from MacFarlane. As we said in our review of the track – This is for playing loud with the windows open enjoying the singing in the rain vibe. If you haven’t heard this man’s voice before, then now is the time.”

Ewan MacFarlane – Stirrin in the City

Following on, another single from the record – Underneath your Spell demonstrates MacFarlanes impeccable songwriting skills.

Ewan MacFarlane – Underneath your Spell

He finishes his mini-set with the third single from the record, Validated, about which he says  “It’s about putting your 2 fingers up to the ones judging you, as they are the ones that need to step back and reflect on their own values.” Says MacFarlane. “It’s a song of liberation and understanding that if we are coming from a good place then it doesn’t matter what shape, size, colour or sex we are. It’s about standing strong and not needing to seek validation from others. We don’t need to be validated!”. Mixing up the loud choruses with the quiet verses makes for an energetic performance.

Check it out here

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Video editing by Ruby Price.

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