Premiere: Ewan McFarlane releases new video for All Those Years

Former Apollo 440 / Grim Northern Social frontman Ewan MacFarlane is already a friend to us here at Backseat Mafia, following the brilliant session he recorded for us a while back, more so now as we premiere the video for a brand new track , All Those Years.

His debut solo album Always Everlong recieved resounding praise and he’s about to follow that up with another full length effort, Milk. Of the track, Ewan told us, “All Those Years is a universal song about being in a long-term relationship with someone, in my case, my wife Jo, with our 3 children …. and Coco St Rock the bulldog !! “All Those Years” expresses the euphoria that love still brings if you refuse to let it go stale.  That even through the ‘rollercoaster of trials & turbulations’ that married life can bring you still only have eyes for that same partner and  feel the same buzz you felt on the first night you met”.

As with his debut album, MacFarlane trades in classic rock territory, and that hasn’t changes with All Those Years, with his soaring rock vocal perfectly formed for big tunes, driving accompaniment and spiky riffs.

Of the accompanying video, Ewan says “Mrs MacFarlane plays the leading lady. The story line being she is in a dream. In the dream she is alone. She feels lost without me there, not understanding where I have gone, and she is looking for me and finding nostalgic memories of us when we were young washed up on the beach. Throughout the video I’m there trying to break through her dream. The end scene being I finally reach her, and she sees that I am there, the fireworks symbolising those emotions. The video was filmed at the costal location of Greenan Castle in Ayr, Scotland. It was recorded beginning of March. It was very cold, especially for Jo as she had no jacket, a very wet dress and bare feet for hours. A Drone was used for the wider shots. We were there for several hours so we could catch both the sunset and the darkness so we could light the camp fire and fireworks”.

Check it out, here

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