Live Review: In This Moment – Leeds Beckett University – 01.03.2015

Looking like lost characters from the Mass Effect videogame franchise, openers Starset intertwine rock heavy riffs with hard hitting electronics. The roaring choruses of Carnivore and My Demons prove the band are much more than just looking the part. At the head of the stage, vocalist Dustin Bates is pushing the boundaries of future technology using what can only be described as a space-age electronic touch board to create Pendulum-esque electronics that cut in and out of every song. If you’re a fan of music with a theatrical backbone, Starset are definitely for you.

Next up Fearless Vampire Killers, bringing their fresh brand of alternative emo-rock into the mix. Their first track Say What You Want From Me has a riff that even some metal heavy weights would be proud of. Unfortunately the In This Moment stage show is so large that drummer Luke Illingworth is kept in the back corner for the entire set, but un-phased by the lack of room, the band take every inch of spare space into their grasp and provide the audience with a high intensity set. Vocalists Kier Kemp and Lawrence Beveridge take half the set each to showcase their vocal skills and songs like Bite Down On My Winchester and Could We Burn, Darling? prove that they are both capable.

Starting off with the first single Sick Like Me from the new album Black Widow In This Moment tear into their set and with a stage show second to none, the theatrical aspect is mesmerising to say the least. Complete with black spider legs controlled by frontwomen Maria Brink and the Blood Girls who embody the image behind the song through stage outfits and dances, Sick Like Me is a force to be reckoned with and showcases what the new album has to offer.



The band storm right into the title track of the new album Black Widow, even though the Blood Girls make no appearance for this song, Maria still owns the stage regardless. The narration of the song starts like a scene from a black and white 50’s movie then cutting straight into a hip hop beat before ripping it apart with heavy guitars. One thing In This Moment do well is big choruses and Black Widow certainly has one of the most monumental choruses to bring the song to life. The bass-heavy Sex Metal Barbie sees Maria transform into a leader layered in pink. Standing tall on pink podium and sporting a sash that reads the song’s title, throughout it’s clear to see the empowerment and “don’t give a shit” attitude that she wields.

For older fans of the band an emotional and vulnerable version of Into The Light from their second album The Dream brought the tempo down slightly but Maria’s ability to keep the audience in the palm of her hand made for an unforgettable rendition.


Each member of the band is given chance to prove their worth, Chris Howarth (Guitar), Randy Weitzel (Guitar) and Travis Johnson (Bass) take centre stage for a the Fallen Heroes medley before Tom Hane (Drums) takes the spotlight for a thrashy and energetic drum solo.

One of the stand out songs of the set and fan favourite Whore evokes the loudest sing along of the night. At the command of Maria Brink and whore hat included, the chorus rings out acapella throughout the building before the slow rhythmic guitars start the song. Ending the set strongly on the title track of the album that started this whole cycle of the ‘new’ In This Moment. Blood. Cries of “We want Blood” from the crowd bring the band back onto the stage to end the night in the most theatrical sense. The blood red lights devour the stage and Maria, complete with a black crown and cape continues the night the way she started it. With the audience firmly under her spell.


Photos by Erin Moore at Forte Photography UK: Facebook Website

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