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The most important thing about a DJ is his voice. Her in Britain there’s two distinctive sorts of DJ; those that are interested in he music, and those that are interested in themselves. It’s quite easy to spot them – generally the former are on in the evenings, and the latter inhabit the daytimes.

It’s reflected in their musical exploits as well. The evening DJ’s are the ones who own record labels, curate festivals, do remixes and the like – whilst the daytime self-obsessed DJ’s step into those realms of horrendous musical crimes. Who could forget (despite best efforts) musiclal crimes such as Noel Edmonds Brown Sauce, Tony Blackburn‘s dalliences, even Kenny Everett‘s Snot Rap wasn’t the high point of musical culture.

They do something a little bit differently in Singapore. Vandetta, who is well known in her home country as, well, a DJ yes, but also the lead singer of a hip-hop group of the past and one half of Octover, who’s single Satisfy caused a stir amongst many last autumn.

Vandetta, this time working alone, has a new, self-titled ep out on October 15th, and from it she has previewed the track ‘Fly’. It has this classic RnB feel about it, but she’s brought some of her raw hip-hop attitude to the party. Best (and most interestingly) of all though is she’s reorded the whole song just using Ableton, and her own voice.

And so there it is. A DJ who’s voice you can’t get enough of. Who’d have thought it?

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