Mount Moriah have released a new track “Cardinal Cross” ahead of their upcoming 3rd album “How To Dance”, follow up to the well received “Miracle Temple” from 2013. Their sound over the last 2 albums has been led by the plaintive vocals of Heather McEntire, and her haunting lyrics about regret and heartache playing over the guitar swirl of the rest of the band.  The new track remains in familiar territory, questioning identity and looking back at yourself; “Are you the one that you wanted to be?” McEntire challenges.

Thematically, the band continue to be heavily rooted in the southern USA, with songs considering the darkness that may be all around us while celebrating people who find themselves in these bad situations. So although for the new record, while the band may say “How to Dance, is a devotion to the cosmic light itself: moving towards it, moving into it, becoming it”; given Mount Moriah’s last two albums, I doubt the final record will be anywhere as optimistic as that sounds!

How to Dance is released on February 26th on Merge Records