EP Review: Dead Freights – The Fury Tapes

The Breakdown

Rocks new Ambassadors have dropped an EP that will leave you wanting more.

Noisy indie-rock outfit Dead Freights have released their debut EP ‘The Fury Tape’ alongside Gary Powell’s (The Libertines) 25 Hour Convenience Store Records. The EP follows on from recent singles, ‘How Much To Call My Daddy‘ and ‘Call Me On The Wildside‘ and now the bands new single ‘Shot girl Summer’.

Gary Powell comments, “The Dead Freights are a unique beast, in that they have taken all of the ‘best bits’ that influence them musically and otherworld creatively, to produce a body of work that encapsulates whom they are as individuals and as a band.  It is an absolute pleasure to not only sign them to my label 25 Hour Convenience Store because of their creative brilliance but also  to produce them – and there was no better backdrop for this than our own Albion Room Studios.”

The cocky sureness of opener ‘Shot Girl Summer’ which mashes together heavy guitar, throbbing bass and seductive vocals, is the perfect introduction to the band. As the band say: “It’s the riff that Graham Coxon never wrote. When we recorded this we didn’t have long to write the lyrics. We heard about the Shot Girl Summer phenomenon on the radio that morning and thought “Right. Sex, dead queens, and rotten meat let’s start with that”. We even get a full-on searing rock guitar solo.

Sticking in a live version of ‘Sauvignon Blanc’ is a masterstroke as this is where the band thrives. Live they are a riotous cacophony of grit and spit. In the studio they are noisy musical poets who craft tracks that sound slapped together, yet listen closer and there is an intricacy here that belays the messy scratchiness. The track is part sermon part pogo starting extravagance.

Sugary pop delivered harmonies of ‘Asking For A Friend’ work well with the fuzzy throbbing bass allowing guitars to drop in and out over a rumble of inventive timekeeping from the bands drummer. The singer has this wonderful intimate vibe that feels as if he is singing directly to you. This is music for outsiders, goths, and any one with an alternative streak otherwise you might not get it.

Dead Freights re-ignite guitar driven confident swagger of the early noughties and they stand up as the new ambassadors of rock n roll. With in the sloppy music and very English lyricism are danceable likeable gritty indie tunes that sound as familiar as warm British beer and grim weather.

Check out the recent single Shot Girl Summer, below:

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