Track: Leddie MC – Look What They’ve Done ft. Sarai Jazz

Another month has gone by and we are treated to another new track from North east artist Leddie MC – ‘Look What They’ve Done’ ft Sarai Jazz.

Regarding the track Leddie comments:

“The track touches on advice given by self proclaimed gatekeepers within Hip Hop, that never particularly held any weight, but aimed to stifle my progress. I devoted many years to keeping these people happy and hoping to appease them, but as soon as I sold CDs or started to get paid for gigs, they labelled me a sell out.”

Shimmering guitar and the smooth voice of Sarai Jazz contrast with the harder vocals from Leddie herself who’s rhythmic delivery sit so nicely with the drum beat. The laid back style within the music is something often used by Leddie, which compliments her vocal style perfectly. It’s what makes her tracks a pleasure to listen to with out distracting from those important words.

Check it out here

Find out more about Leddie MC on her Facebook or Bandcamp

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