Track: Ego Kill Talent – Deliverance

‘Deliverance’ is the new track from Ego Kill Talent, taken from the bands second album, ‘The Dance Between Extremes’, released in March. The production features the singer Dinho Ouro Preto on the cast, from Capital Inicial, a classic and extremely popular Brazilian rock band.

“This was one of the first songs we ever wrote for this record. I was at Jean’s apartment, he played me the guitar riff and on the very first ideas for melodies I sang the first verse and it set the direction for the rest of the lyrics”,

says Jonathan Dörr

A catchy rhythm kicks things off with a cracking vocal performance from Dörr. The age old formula of quiet verses, loud chorus, serves the band well here with suspense filled verses before exploding on the chorus. Upping the emotion with a short slice of slide guitar the band have crafted a superb rock track once again.

Check it out, here

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