Say Psych: Live Review: Melting Wax All Dayer, Night People – 09.06.2018

There’s a new promoter in town and to mark their arrival they have planned a full day of live music from Manchester’s finest local bands at the fast becoming infamous Night People on Princess Street. Melting Wax have lined up an intriguing bill with a mixture of sounds which cater to varying tastes.

Opening are Slack Alices, a punk offering who formed in late 2017 and have already been causing a stir. People have come down early to take in their visceral sound which is still in development. They gather applause as they complete their short set with a Misfits cover which is superbly executed.

Next up are The Bleachés, a five piece who offer hazy beats and beautiful vocal harmonies that captivate from the offset. They play a set focused around their EP released in May, Easter Island which channels sun drenched vibes and invokes lazy summer days. Their set sees many a body swaying along contentedly and on such a sunny Saturday, it’s the perfect accompaniment.

Urf are a female fronted shoegaze power trip that transcends boundaries of sounds to create something different and interesting. They blend lengthy instrumental segments with flashes of guitar brilliant and theatrical vocals which keep attention drawn firmly. Their sound is constantly developing and they are very much ones to keep an eye on.

Slow Knife are a distinctly unique blend of spoken word poetry with overlays a haunting, distorted blend of psychedelia. They are not for the faint hearted but those who have the patience and the open mindedness to persevere with them are rewarded with a fresh set of sounds that not many people have the guts to try. Their position on the bill shows the esteem with which they are held and their faith is rewarded.

White Flowers are a dream pop duo who peddle electronic beats and fuzzy guitar riffs. They have attracted a lot of attention due to supporting bands such as TOY and Jane Weaver. Despite being only two, their sound fills the space with waves of ethereal beauty that captivate throughout.

The Goa Express are a group of lads from Burnley who have been creating a huge stir with the blend of psychedelic, indie tinged surf pop which hits all the right notes. They gather increased attention every time they play, attract a wave of fans of all ages. Their universal sound is easily accessible, particularly in tracks like ‘Kiss Me’, a 7” single released last year on Wrong Way Records. They go down really well, yet again, here today and receive a huge reception.

Fruit Tones are garage rockers who formed back in 2012 who have recently returned from a US tour. They have gone from strength to strength recently and their presence as headliners here today is welcome. Their set contains everything you would expect from the sound which transports the crowd straight to the beach, invoking all the associated imagery that comes with it. They set bodies moving instantly and this remains until they finish when they are whooped and cheered off stage.

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