EP: KALT || WEISS – Serotonin

KALT || WEISS is an avant-garde black metal project formed in 2018 by Viktor Sohm in Vienna, Austria. Fusing the atmosphere and euphoria of black-gaze with the visceral elements of dissonant black metal. They have released their debut EP – ‘Serotonin’ via KVLTSTICK4000 Records

Inspired by bands like Deftones and genre legends Blut aus Nord and Deathspell Omega, KALT || WEISS forges a sound contextualizing contemporary themes like sex, drugs, existentialism and celebrity culture into a vulnerable yet deriving power from selfflaggelating openness representing sound.

There’s a lot to enjoy here for the fans of the blackest metal as KALT || WEISS have created their own signature blend of emotionally violent music. The tracks are long and brutal. Double bass drum galore with harsh Germanic growls and unhinged guitars. Amongst all that, there are moments of clarity and and hints of a calmer melodies. Where the band delve into a more industrial and atmospheric part of their sound.

The mix really works on the last track – ‘Fleisch und Verstand’ Starting like a pounding headache it slowly unravels and slows before becoming industrial in its sound. With sparse jagged notes and crashing cymbals it becomes a different beast and shows a band experimenting with sound and suspense before the head smash begins again.

Check out their video for Serotonin

Listen in full here.

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