Track: Dr Joy – ‘Signed, The Body Electric’: a meeting of Toronto minds spills out in psych technicolour

DR JOY is a meeting of minds on the vivacious Toronto psych scene, comin’ atcha with a dose of technicolour sonic blur to administer aurally in their debut single, “Signed – The Body Electric”, out this very morn.

The band is a fusion of musical seeker, initially born out of friendship and hanging out, exchanging ideas in the best way; it sees cosmic rider in the hinterlands of psych-country-rock Matthew ‘Doc’ Dunn get it on with Toronto psych quartet Mr. Joy. Chats about film, art, philosophy, the higher states, soon saw instruments introduced to the blend; a hybrid graft of the two came into being; a few more sessions down the line and they had an album pretty much in the bag.

“Signed, The Body Electric” is their hello, a gateway drug to their eponymous album, which will be out on the fine Idée Fixe imprint not too far into the future; it’s a headswirler with a little sampledelia, obscure European soundtracks cut up and sprinkled into the propulsive kosmiche, vocals echoing out from the within the caverns and acid six-string bite. Bells glimmer and a wah-wah pedal gets sleazy as the whole enfolds you in a melodic purple haze, a patchwork quilt of many technicolours. That’s rather excellent.

With Dr Joy espousing a set of influences ranging from Baltic disco to library music and Italian soundtracks, all’s fish to their psychedelic net. Should be a cracking album.

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