PREMIERE: EXEK offer ‘Unseasonable Warmth’ on second single from new album ‘Advertise Here’

EXEK (credit: Sandra Mikołajczyk)

It’s been more than 5 years since the Melbourne-based quintet EXEK released a proper studio album, but that wait is almost over. Next month, they release Advertise Here, a muscular 8-track effort that acts as the true follow-up to 2016’s Biased Advice – though there was a clutch of new material to be found on last year’s compilation Good Thing They Ripped Up the Carpet.

We’ve heard lead track ‘(I’m After) Your Best Interest’, and the band’s second offering from the album is the addictive groove of ‘Unseasonable Warmth’. If you’re a fan of slippery basslines and music that leans heavily into dub and krautrock more than it does the band’s admittedly broad post-punk descriptor, you’ll definitely be into this. John Dwyer of Osees/Oh Sees/OCS/Orinoka Crash Suite etc. is putting out the full-length and had this to say: “Post-punks EXEK turn their gaze towards hip-hop for six-and-a-half stretched-out minutes. During that time, they’re looking out at a landscape resembling something between Ballard’s The Drowned Earth and Waterworld. Drums and bass act as cinder blocks that submerge, whilst thankfully short blasts of trumpet and synths assist in keeping buoyant. Just lay off the benzos when dozing off on pool toys.”

It’s out tomorrow, but we’ve got your first listen below if you just can’t wait. Advertise Here lands Friday February 4th on Castle Face.

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