PREMIERE: Zachery Allan Starkey taps into 2022 club culture with ‘No Texting on the Dance Floor’

He’s been quiet for a couple of years, with the misfortune of releasing an album deserving of celebration in clubs all over his native New York in April 2020, as the pandemic bit, but Zachery Allan Starkey, or ZAS for short, is racing to make up for lost time, and his new single is an ode to the catharsis that a night out can bring.

The electro-pop stormer has been kicking around in Starkey’s sets for a while, as he explains: “I’ve had the basic bass groove and chorus forever; for years this was an unreleased song I’d play for an encore,  but the present state of post pandemic New York nightlife is what inspired me to write new lyrics, add disco and house vibes to the song, and properly produce a new, definitive version. It’s also about the importance of personal connection. Stop being glued to your phone, stop ignoring the people around you. Be present, dance and connect with people on the dance floor. Celebrate community and connection. The song is serious, but it’s also a bit cheeky, winking at the listener, and that’s why Steven [Celestin] and I made a fun music video for it. After all, ultimately, dancing and nightclubbing is about a good time and connection. I recorded the track in downtown Brooklyn in 2022 with my friend and longtime engineer Jon Chinn, we had so much fun recording it.”

We’re giving you an advance look at said video below – should do nicely as a midweek pick-me-up. Tune in below; it’s set to be included on an expanded edition of FEAR CITY early next year.

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