Track: Bel Kil Has A ‘Backup Plan’ To Delight You

Bel Kil

The enormously talented, Bel Kil has just released a new track, ‘Backup Plan’, which is a follow up to her debut single ‘Escaping‘.

According to Bel, the song explores the emotions of being disappointed by a friend or loved one who constantly stands you up when you’ve made plans.

“I was walking home from the studio on a balmy Friday afternoon, excited to have a beer with a friend, only to receive a text saying he couldn’t make it. I can remember feeling the let down and then when I walked past the pub we were meant to meet at, I started singing voice memos into my phone.”

Bel Kil

By the time that Kil got home after this upsetting encounter, she had the lyrics and the melody sorted and was ready to write the music. The song started with just some guitar chords to which she added midi drums and used her guitar as the bass. She then added virtual strings, synths and layered plenty of vocals. Eventually she was joined by Tristan Courtney who overdubbed the bass parts and John Vassallo added drums to give the track a ‘live’ feel.

‘Backup Plan’ kicks off with some awesome bass and has a languid, sixties feel with Kil’s vocals delivering a Duffy-esque, neo soul vibe. Watch Kil’s video for the track below.

Both ‘Escaping’ and ‘Backup Plan’ will feature on Bel Kil‘s debut EP ‘My Year’ which is set to be released in early November.

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