Track: Unruly Girls – She Grew Up in a Shotgun Row

It’s been two years since we’ve heard from Southern Italy’s provocative and innovative Unruly Girls and their new single ‘She Grew Up In A Shotgun Row’ displays a sharpening of their incisive and slightly anarchic sound.

The single is an aural assault – a pleasant and pulse-quickening one – that is inspired by the upbringing of the iconic Kim Gordon. It’s a collision of electronica and fuzz, feedback, reverb and more attitude than a gathering of top models.

And that’s the nature of Unruly Girls. Consisting of Luigi Limongelli (programming, drums, percussions & noises) and Humbert Alison (vocals, guitars & keyboards), they have a penchant for a respectable amount of subversion in their music – heavily industrial under-carpet with a melodic overlay. Their debut album received a heady 9/10 from us, described as brilliant dark noise pop. ‘She Grew Up In A Shotgun Row’ is a little less pop and a great deal more darker noise. There is a lot of fun in this subversion.

In this single, vocals are provided by Ronit Bergman (Undone, Plastic Venus) in between the sonic blasts. It’s classic Unruly Girls and therefore a classic blast that pins back your ears, clears sinuses and fills the mind:

The band says of the release:

During this time of isolation, Music can save our souls, and we’re excited to share our dirty lo fi noisy sound with the powerful voice of Ronit Bergman

Awesome stuff indeed. The single is off Unruly Girls’s new album due out on 21 April through Dirty Beach Records.

Tutti i nostri pensieri sono con i nostri fratelli e sorelle in Italia.

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