Track: Thrillhouse – Lesser

There’s always been something in the water at Brighton which is rapidly solidifying its reputation as a hot bed of unbridled creativity. So it is with ‘Lesser’ from Brighton band Thrillhouse. This is one of the most enthralling singles I’ve heard in a while – it has a bouncy, rippling pace but with a maturity and poise that is special.

‘Lesser’ has that almost fairground shimmer to its keyboards-centred spine and a driving rhythm blasted with splashes of guitar. And the keyboard solo is just celestial and unhinged – a Robert Fripp freakery transported from guitars to keys. The vocals are deep, almost disembodied, melancholy. And yet when the band breaks into a chorus, it is uplifting, heady even euphoric.

There is undoubtedly an Arcade Fire meets Talking Heads vibe to ‘Lesser’, but with a unique and exhilarating personality of its own. The song has a coasting air – an epic sound encapsulating the feeling of driving with the windows or roof down (depending on your budget). The sound of freedom – a welcome dream in the current circumstances.

Of the song, the band says:

(Lesser) is a reflection on the ups and downs of life and how it can often feel like an uphill struggle – “I’ve been swimming under water, against the tide, for a long time”.

Apt sentiments for the age of the pandemic.

Thrillhouse is maintaining an intriguing level of anonymity and there is a strong sense of independence in the approach to the recording and marketing of their release which is to be celebrated. You can get it here.

This is a special song for these special times from a band that demands further exploration.

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