There must be hallucinogens in the Australian waters as the newest wave of psychedelic acts coming from the land down under continues to sweep across the international shores. A whole kaleidoscopic cocktail of glorious acts have emerged over the recent year including the likes of Bananagun, Lazy Eyes, Dear Doonan, Leah Senior, Badgers, Kimono Drag Queens, Luke Spook as well as Sunfruits who have dropped ‘Bonsoy’ off of their forthcoming ‘Mushroom Kingdom’ EP.

If fellow Australian psychedelic-lords King Gizz’s ‘Vegemite’ was a love letter to their favourite spreadable snack, ‘Bonsoy’ is Sunfruits’ ode to their most favoured organic soy-based milk atlnertaitve. A shimmering sun-soaked psychedelic-pop joyous freakout, ‘Bonsoy’ is the perfect soundtrack to this last minute heatwave.

Listen to ‘Bonsoy’ now ahead of the 7” vinyl release out 25 September via Third Eye Stimuli and Six Tonnes De Chair.