Track: Silver Wilson – George Town

If your heart broke when Nottingham band Gorgeous Chans announced the end of their musical journey last month then fear not: Silver Wilson are here to pick up the pieces. Featuring three members of the recently disbanded group, Silver Wilson are here to pursue where the Gorgeous Chans left off; making exquisite indie music with an original twist.

The new group currently have three tracks available on their SoundCloud, introducing us to their shimmering innocence and sincere heart, invoking images of chilled out American diners on warm summer days. They’ve kept the same optimistic energy that Gorgeous Chans had but they’ve matured their sound, perfecting their melodies to their great lyrical storytelling.

Silver Wilson played their first ever show last week, at Nottingham’s iconic venue The Bodega, to a room full of friends and fans, and it won’t be long before they’re playing their own headline shows across the city and the rest of the UK.

Listen to ‘George Town’ below:



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