Track: Leddie MC – Life’s A Bitch Ft. Jister

Continuing her impressive output, North East artist Leddie MC has dropped another new track titled ‘Life’s A Bitch’ Featuring Hip Hop artist Jister the track is produced by Leddie herself and mixed and mastered by Jamie Donnelly.

A more rockier track with a swaggering guitar with a touch of the funk in the drumming. The vocals are right at the forefront with Leddie and Jister complimenting each other. Leddie’s quick rhythmic contrasting against Jisters more laidback approach. By personifying life as a female, Leddie can loose all her anger and frustration regarding the unfairness of life directing it all at this bitch called life.

Check it out, here

Find out more about Leddie MC on her Facebook or Bandcamp

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