Track: Bronx Slang – ‘Just Say No’: into ’21 with clear-eyed flow and crisp breaks

FRESHLY scrubbed and lyrically equipped, Bronx Slang come slammin into ’21 with some fine verbal consciousness rising with their first drop of the new year.

Ollie Miggs and Jerry Beeks are still seeing true; still understanding just how we got here and where we really oughta be, and they’re railing against the construct that keeps us down – this ain’t no oxycotin, this is the real dope. And we really should be listening. These B-boys just might be the last prophets before it all crashes down.

Bronx Slang’s “Just Say No” is out now on all digital streaming platforms via Fabyl.

Keep your ears to the ground for their second full-length album later in the year: follow Bronx Slang on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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