Track: Leddie MC – Round My Way

For this months release, Leddie MC has teamed up with a wide array of MCs from around the UK – Karlow, Spee69, Kenny Cadence, Tre and Evileyz. Focusing on the talking points of the area from which they hail, they discuss dark subjects such as petty crime and drug use to sense of community and how the place they were brought up made them who they are, and wouldn’t change it.

The lyrics get raw and gritty here as each artist gives a personal view of round their way, “from bag heads asking for 20p for the bus”, “accents influencing opinions” of the speaker and how “mum would magic things from nothing”. The lyrics roll into each other as each voice takes over and carries on the story. A simple funky guitar focussed backing keeps things flowing allowing each voice to shine and stand out in this poetic collective.

Check it out, here

Find out more about Leddie MC on her Facebook or Bandcamp 

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