Track: Julia Sheer – Takes One To Know One

After being quiet from the scene for a fair while, Julia Sheer has returned with a new EP on the horizon and a brilliant single to showcase her talents and what to expect with the upcoming release. The opening of ‘Takes One To Know One’ instantly sets the tone for a single that is emotionally charged and beautifully performed and it doesn’t waste a second of its run time as everything fits together.


On the surface it could be easily (and foolishly) misconstrued as just the basics of pop or country but when you actually listen it has a great deal of honesty in its lyrical selection and as the first chorus hits it transcends the basics of the genre to become something much more special as it all unfolds and reveals the great talent she possesses. It becomes wonderfully addictive and highlights a chorus that you’ll be singing along to before you know it.

Even though Julia Sheer may be more well known for her covers, her originals have always maintained a great deal of artistic ingenuity in the way that she writes and performs. Her voice is one is one that draws you in and allows the deeper meanings of her songs to come to the forefront that resonate in such a way that you feel the music as opposed to just hearing it. The musical backing sets a great atmosphere that builds as the song progresses and sets the key tones of love, loss, longing and finding common connections based on past experiences and looking towards the future.

As you may have guessed I’ve been quite excited about this release as it’s been a while since she’s released material and I can safely say it doesn’t disappoint and leaves me even more excited to hear what’s coming next.


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